Our staff have been working around the clock to produce multimedia presentations for each subject tailor made to the different learning levels. We started rolling out online courses for all our pupils from pre-k to class 5 at AMLA. Using 2 off-campus sites and 3 on-campus classrooms, we are now able to teach all the prescribed subjects online.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented us all with new challenges, new circumstances, new uncertainties, but also new opportunities. Innovation and adaptability are critical requirements for all leaders and learners. Because change is constant and inevitable, we as leaders and educators must be flexible in order to succeed.

At AMLA, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Please pray with and for us as we navigate this new learning environment.


American Montessori Leadership Academy

The American Montessori Leadership Academy (AMLA) is a school located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.  It is dedicated to providing children ages 3-9 years old with nurturing and creative Montessori experiences, ones that allow them to develop their God given talents in an environment that enhances learning and nurtures the spirit.  Laying a good foundation in early childhood is a good way to prepare future leaders.


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