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Mission and Values

Our Mission:

LEAD Africa is transforming communities through schools and outreach programs for disadvantaged young people, sporting and recreational activities for children and youth, mentoring young leaders, training church and community leaders.

Our Core Values:



We are committed to the continuous development of a life of integrity through personal and organizational accountability in lifestyle, relationships, finances, management and reporting systems.




We are committed to nurture an environment where the best ideas, strategies and programs are created, developed and implemented in the best way possible.




We are committed to develop and promote leadership that selflessly serves others by meeting their needs holistically.




We are committed to be good managers of the resources and opportunities entrusted to us and seek to multiply every resource to maximize our effectiveness.




We are committed to the development and modeling of the virtues of honesty, diligence, reliability, truthfulness, compassion, gentleness, courage and moral uprightness.




We are committed to actively pursue interdependent relationships with other entities in order to maximize opportunities and minimize duplication and competition.

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