Street Kids Project

We have been supporting Street Kids in Freetown, and Kambia Sierra Leone.  We have provided food, clothes, school supplies and other material assistance to about 1,500 street kids and their families.

American Montessori
Leadership Academy

The American Montessori Leadership Academy (AMLA) is a school located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.  It is dedicated to providing children ages 3-9 years old with nurturing and creative Montessori experiences, ones that allow them to develop their God given talents in an environment that enhances learning and nurtures the spirit.  Laying a good foundation in early childhood is a good way to prepare future leaders.

School Supplies & Development


We are providing school supplies and tutoring services to schools in the Northern Province  and the Western Area of Sierra Leone.



The goal of the SEEDS program is to use sports as a vehicle to inspire, empower and support the holistic development of promising Sierra Leonean youth, preparing them to become responsible citizens and lead in the positive transformation of their nation.

Medical Missions


The goal of the Sierra Leone Medical Missions is to address healthcare issues in Sierra Leone and to provide viable and practical remedies and solutions through the mobilization of medical personnel. We believe that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Leadership Training Institute


Through our Leadership Training Institute, we train, equip, and empower leaders to be authentic models of servant leadership with a passion to transform their communities.

Community Development Projects


We are helping people in low income and rural areas with skills training. Whether it is training in tailoring, life skills, youth empowerment programs, agriculture or technology, leaders are being taught new skills that will benefit them, their families and the community.

Children's Ministry


We cater to the spiritual, mental, social and physical needs of children through our Vacation Bible Schools, Good news clubs, Holiday clubs, Pop up libraries and Kids cooking programs.

Y.E.S. Program
(Youth Empowerment Service)


Through our Youth Empowerment Service program (Y.E.S.), we empower young people to make informed decisions that will help them develop vocationally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.