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About Us

LEAD Africa is an international, multi-cultural Christian organization that exists to transform communities, by empowering leaders. The word LEAD is an acronym for Leadership Empowerment And Development.

In many countries, though they have abundant resources and hardworking people, economies struggle, and people live with many hardships. Often the deeper problem is poor, corrupt, or non-existent leadership. Leadership has failed not only in political governance, but in the home, the institutions of learning, business and industry. Our continent is not short of qualified and educated people, but it is desperately lacking good, upright, visionary and competent leaders. Most of our leaders are lacking in moral character, integrity, selflessness and the pursuit of excellence.

We believe that leaders who lead with skill and upright character can make a huge difference. We believe that together with people like you, we can help grow this kind of leader.


Don and Joyce Osman (President and CEO of Lead Africa)

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